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  • Can you freeze dry cannabis and hemp?
    Absolutely. By using temperature and vacuum protocols that we developed over the last 30 years, you can freeze dry cannabis and hemp with preserved cannabinoids, enhanced terpenes, and intact trichomes.
  • What sets a CannaFREEZE freeze dryer apart from using a regular freeze dryer?
    CannaFREEZE freeze dryers are specifically designed to freeze dry cannabis and hemp without the removal of valuable chemicals.
  • Can I produce a value-added product using a CannaFREEZE freeze dryer?
    The buds will remain the same size, with great color, and a potent aroma. When stored properly, you can expect a shelf life of 1 year or more. Smoking a freeze-dried and cured product provides a great tasting, smooth experience.
  • How long does it typically take to freeze dry a load of cannabis or hemp in a CannaFREEZE freeze dryer?
    Our FC Series freeze dryers produce beautiful results in just 24 - 36 hours. While our DX Series typically take 3 to 5 days to process a full load.
  • Are CannaFREEZE freeze dryers built in an ISO:9001 factory?
    Yes. Our factory is certified ISO:9001. Our seasoned staff of engineers are trained in many disciplines including: electrical, HVAC, vacuum, automation, and computerization.
  • What are CannaFREEZE’s advantages for cultivators and processors?
    The biggest advantages are drying and curing the product in only 24 - 36 hours, while eliminating mold, mildew, and bud rot.
  • Do I need to pre-freeze my product in a walk-in freezer?
    No. All of our freeze dryers are designed to freeze your fresh product. You are not required to pre-freeze your product in a walk-in freezer.
  • Can you manufacture value-added products from your freeze-dried and cured flower?
    Yes. In fact, CannaFREEZE dried flower can go straight to extraction. You can also manufacture edibles, concentrates, and other products with your CannaFREEZE dried and cured flower.
  • What type of monetary savings can I expect by freeze drying my product instead of hang drying it?
    Freeze drying alleviates the cost of large curing and drying rooms. You will realize a considerable decrease in utility costs and facility maintenance, while saving both time and money through labor cost reduction.
  • Are CannaFREEZE freeze dryers programmable?
    The DX Series are not programmable and require a few minutes of attention each day. The F Series are fully programmable with a 19-inch HML screen. Product temperature and shelf temperature is constantly monitored and logged. The entire process from initial freezing to final drying can be done in a single preprogrammed cycle.
  • If I have an issue with a CannaFREEZE freeze dryer, who will service it?"
    Your first call would be to our training and service center in Phoenix, Arizona. Our cryogenic technician (with 20 years experience) will work with you to evaluate and resolve the situation.
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